Monday, March 26, 2012


Today's ailment of discussion is Ineedamountaindew.

Symptoms of Ineedamountaindew include:
Diabetic emergencies, partial thirst, general thirst, extreme thirst, dehydration, stress, tiredness, social gathering, food consumption, video-gaming, film-viewing, music-listening, the hours between sleep and general boredness.
Symptoms may increase drastically if not attended to. 

Fortunately, Ineedamountaindew is relatively easy to cure, as medication is available anywhere Pepsi-brand pharmaceuticals are sold. Mountain Dew (Heaveninabeverage) comes in a variety of packages, all of which may be purchased both over-the-counter and otherwise. Mountain Dew requires no prescription, but may be prescribed by any noticing party when any symptoms are present.

Packaging variety consists of, but is not limited to:
2 liter containers, 20 ounce containers, 12 ounce canisters, and 8 ounce canisters, along with the option to purchase in bulk (20 ounce containers in packs of six and 12 ounce canisters in packs of twelve or twenty-four being the most common).

Mountain Dew is most effective taken cold, though still efficient at room temperature. Consume orally. Take as often as needed. 

Beinvenidos! And welcome!

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